I need your help to figure out Airscape's performance issues

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  • "I really can't believe that a high-end intel integrated GPU cannot run webGL at one third of the speed of a two year old tablet, or a five-year old budget mac. It's completely crazy if this is the case. If it's really just a hard limitation of webGL, then webGL is not suitable for games, period."

    definitively something weird going on for that one, I always though webGL was a sort of implémentation of OpenGL ES (like a direct call to the graphic driver), but definitively if it cannot perform as well as the two systems you talked about, that is crazy.

  • Reading through all of this and testing out your demo I have a hard time believing it is the GPU causing these frame drops/bad performance etc.

    I would say I have a rather Middle-End PC:

    AMD X6 1090T

    8GB DDR3 RAM

    2x AMD HD6870

    I've tested the demo in firefox/chrome and it barely got stable 60fps, with frame drops down to 48fps and an average fps of around 55.

    In my opinion it can't be a GPU problem if I get these values, but rather a case of maybe bad CPU optimisation? (As one core was used around 100% during testing)

    Don't get me wrong you've probably optimised it as best as you could, but for example my game SoW which is rendered in 1080p with downscaling of some assets etc. has a by far more stable performance (60fps fluid) on my machine and on a laptop with something like 2x 1.8GhZ and an Intel HD3000 where I got around 20-30fps.

    Additionally to that, the fact that you get better performance with Canvas2D is quite shocking, because when I tested SoW with Canvas2D I barely got around 10fps on my pc

    Quite weird the whole case, I'll just follow this case and see if I may get an idea at some point as to why it happens.

  • sqiddster - Not testing the demo you provided yet, but I've play the demo of Airscape on Steam. It's really slow on my old Lenovo netbook. But on my new HP laptop, it only slow on game and level startups (also on the level completion state) and back to appropriate FPS.

    My new HP laptop specs:

    • Windows 8.1 x64
    • AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics
    • 2.00 GB RAM (1.70 GB usable)
  • "I've talked with Ashley about this being a C2 issue but he's assured me that C2 doesn't handle stuff like vsync and input latency."

    Didn't he release r198 saying "There's also a tweak to try to improve the framerate smoothness".

    Talk about discrepancies.

  • SgtConti It's definitely true that there's some more CPU optimization that can be done. However I know that it's definitely a GPU issue, because if you shrink the window size enough, the game will certainly run at 60fps (except, I guess, on super slow CPU's). If that's not the case for you, please do let me know.

    Tetriser Well that's interesting that on an entry-level AMD chip, the game is fine. Are you *sure* about that? Did you try native (auto) resolution? Even if not, was it a stable fps all the time during gameplay?

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  • Nesteris it was just changing when the next frame will be requested, it was requested late before, which could be too late on some circumstances, now it is the first think it does, so there is indeed nothing related to the framerate done by C2, C2 just asks the browser to do it, how it does it however has been changed.

  • sqiddster I tried that, and while it did help with getting 60fps a bit more often the fps still tanked down to 40 (48) fps at times with alot of jittering.

    //Note: I would be very interested to see the capx of the stripped down version to see if I may identify something from there on.

  • ... And I am sitting here in 10-30FPS on my 6 year old laptop. Things started to go wonky in 2d just when HTML5 came....

    Like I should buy a high end gaming pc just for 2d web games.

  • SgtConti

    Just for clarification, did you try shrinking the window down ridiculously small? Did you get 60fps then? If not, then there's definitely some stuff that needs working out. The jittering seems to mostly be caused by fillrate issues which leads me to assume it's still GPU related.

    Unfortunately I can't share the capx as there's a lot of copyrighted material in there.

  • sqiddster

    It may involve some work, but the best approach here would be to strip down a capx as much as possible and post it. Otherwise, we're all just taking shots in the dark. Can't you obfuscate/distort/watermark your resources somehow so that they wouldn't be re-useable?

    SgtConti's results are particularly bizarre...I wouldn't exactly call that a 'mid-range' system, unless we are throwing $5000 alienware's into the mix. No C2 game should be struggling on a computer like that.

    Really feel for you on this, and I hope you can figure it out somehow...

  • TiAm I can definitely try to make a super stripped down version, yeah. Will take some time, but it's probably a good idea.

    However, if the same issue is happening to the renderperf benchmark, clearly the problem isn't my code? Can anyone else with an Intel integrated chip confirm or deny my findings?

  • Don't have a answer to your problems at the moment, sorry! I don't have access to all my computers at the moment but I just tested it on my main workstation and the game runs excellent at 60 fps in Chrome, full screen and on the auto resolution. It looked great.


    i7 2600

    At Radeon 7950

    My laptop is a bit weaker and will test later on that today.

    I have a question though about the resolution change. I thought that was impossible with Construct2. How does that work and how did you do that? Any tutorials out there?

  • scaffa I didn't make a tutorial, but it's pretty simple. Just set the canvas size, then set the layout scale as a ratio of the original canvas size to the new canvas size.

  • scaffa I didn't make a tutorial, but it's pretty simple. Just set the canvas size, then set the layout scale as a ratio of the original canvas size to the new canvas size.

    Thanks for the info! Did not know that was possible, glad to hear that.

    I just tested the game out on my laptop which is a bit slower then my workstation. The game does not run at 60 fps on the auto res option but the fps is around 46. But its still playable and don't notice any jank. Lowering the res gets the fps to 60 again.

    This is on a Intel i7 Q740

    Ati Radeon Mobile 6300 which is by far a good videocard.

    If I have the time I might be able to test it tonight on a Mac Air which has a intel hd4000 vid card.

  • sqiddster

    how is your game running on i.e. CocoonJS?

    I'm just curious

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