Need help with my event sheet.

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  • Hi guys, I'm new here, as well as to construct 2. Would really appreciate some help!

    I'm working on a school project...

    For this project, I have 2 problems:

    Firstly, I need to make the Iodine dissolve in Alcohol and Partially dissolve in Water. I managed to do for Sugar and Salt in the even sheet as both Sugar and Salt actions are similar but there seem to be a problem when it comes to Iodine. It seems like the actions are opposite. It follows the actions of Sugar and Salt.

    Secondly, I have not add in Flour_Drop action in the event sheet 'When the Spoon drop on Beaker' yet but it actually automatically run and do the actions that are for Sugar and Salt. It should not happen that way as Flour should not dissolve in Water or Alcohol.

    I've tried many ways include Else method and Sub-Events. It seems like the drops are "link" to the beaker. How can I solve my problem and do different actions for different solute?

    Take a look at my project here:

    By the way, I use a green sprite for Partially Dissolve :)

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  • You are assuming that making the "drop" sprite invisible means they don't overlap. That is incorrect. They still overlap (since they all overlap from the start). You need to destroy all of the 'other' drops when the active drop occurs, to get them out of the way. Then you will find that your Sugar & Salt drops don't work as they are ANDing. You need to break these out into a sub-event with an OR, and then perform your actions.

    I have done the drop-destroy for iodine, and the OR change. Dropping iodine does nothing now. You'll have to sort out the rest.

    partial fix

  • blackhornet: Thank you so much! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It works and I managed to complete.

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