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  • So I'm currently making a sort of Zelda/Binding of Isaac like game for my multimedia major work, for school, and I've run into an issue where my character will fly around the screen when it loads up. Since it controls with the arrows keys to fire and wasd to move, I split the character into two parts in order to allow it to have two different looks (feet facing one way, torso facing another). I believe this might have something to do with the glitch/error. I would upload my game for you to see, but I'm very much new to this and don't know what the best way to upload it is. I am also using the free version.

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  • For uploading, You can attach your file to your post here (if it is smaller than 2 MB). If it is larger, most people here seem to prefer dropbox. It is the most common though it isn't the only method.

    You are most likely correct that it is a collision between top and bottom. You could test this easily simply by turning off collisions on 1 or the other. It could also have to o with collisions on background items. If your character spawns inside a solid object or gets pushed into one, it will be pushed out. This could lead to being pushed into another causing it to be pushed more.

    If you find that it is caused by the 2 separate sprites, you can do a couple things to fix it:

    Option 1 - if you can get by with only 1 of the 2 character parts having collision, than remove it from the other. This will stop the glitch and still allow both sprites.

    Option 2 - you can create a controller object which handles moving the character around and pin the character sprites to it. In this option, you would remove collisions from the character sprites and allow the controller to handle it.

    Of course there are other ways to fix this but these 2 are simple and should resolve your bug. Good luck with your project.

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