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  • Sometimes it also says png file corrupted,i wonder what is the problem and importantly,how to solve it?

  • I encountered problems with corrupted files a few versions ago. The problem for me was recurring when I had Construct running while the PC was left off for a lot of hours with out doing anything. Sometimes the next save was corrupted and most (if not all) of the textures was missing (I used the compressed .capx save option). The "solution" was a lot of iterative saves. That was before the autosave functionality though.

    Try searching "Particles.png" at the Textures folder within your Project folder. If there isn't there, put a png image with the same name and see if that helps.

    Also, try the autosave file, perhaps it has most of your work intact.

  • Yeah it works.But I wonder why the png file suddenly disappear.Is it related to my antivirus software?Maybe my antivirus software deleted it because it treats my png file as trash file?

    If I save with compressed file(capx), can I decompress it into folder and add back the png file?

  • I don't think that your antivirus software treats pngs as trash or otherwise harmful files. You can always check the threats history and see if it's somehow related.

    That being said, I don't know what happened to your file and why it has been deleted.

    The capx files are essentially compressed files and folders, if you un-compress a capx file you' ll get the same file structure as with the save project option.

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  • how to uncompress capx file so that i can put the missing file into it?

  • how to uncompress capx file so that i can put the missing file into it?

    just rename it with a .zip extension (.capx files a zipped projects)

  • The above.

    Or use winrar, I usually right click and choose open with winrar.

  • I see,thank you!

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