I need some good sprites

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  • Guys, i need some good sprites

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  • And I need a lot of money and a cold beer...ok, the beer would be enough for now.

    Stop spamming all the board. One thread is enough!

    There are a lot of good tutorials on how to make sprites

    in the net. Study them.

    You can make sprites with the free software Inkscape or Gimp.

  • Why qon't you make your sprites with Money?

  • I prefer to make my sprites with pixels.

  • That's a great idea

  • Guys, i need some good sprites

    You'll get a better response if you don't spam the boards. Many C2 folks will lend a helping hand but if you're jumping from post to post.. peeps will think you are spamming and won't help.

    Anyways.. Welcome.

    Good place for good sprites for free.


  • Guys, what i really want is two sprites, A Crab sprite, And a Frog sprite

  • As mentioned, going around and just spamming your question is not the way to go.

    If you had started with a search on the forums you probably already have had found a lot of resources in the "Tools and resources" forum amongst which website that propose open source art like http://www.opengameart.org in which you could possibly find the sprites you need.

    Do a google search for more resources and you will find thousands of websites on that subject and existing resources.

    Creating tens of topic the day you register to this game making forum is not the way to go.

    You can also look the tutorials in the section "Graphics" and use those resources to make your sprites yourself. Even if they are not perfect, at least they are placeholders that allow you to make your game, have a playable version that you can then show to people and use to request sprites from artists later.

    Keep to one topic on a subject and don't just wait to be spoondfed answers and resources.

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