Need feedback regarding a custom control system

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  • Hi,

    I have made a system in my game to lets the user choose their own keys for keyboard. Everything is alright. I did same with Gamepad but i am getting problems.. the problems lies in the fact that gamepad have axis. Problem is that each direction doesn't trigger a button. up-down trigger one, and right-left trigger one but only one! doesn't matter if its left or right.. it won't make a difference. So i had to make a custom system wirh axis levels to détermine if the player did left, right, top and down. But this is not a trigger and i have to combine this with check for normal gamepad button. I feel like this is getting really complicated and i have side-effect because i am obligated to use "button index is down". I would have prefered to use a triggered event. What are your suggestions ?

    A- Lets the players only bind keys for button of gamepad.. and lets user choose a specific layout for the axis ?

    B- Duplicate each action events (but put them in fonctions) which enable to détermine if analog is used or gamepad buttons ? (One for checking analog, and one for gamepad buttons) i can't use an OR operator since of the events are a trigger. The other one is like a function returning 1 if analog is used etc..

    Any ideas ?


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  • I'd really like to play with your setup to get a real good idea of what would work best.

    In many games that use a gamepad, the settings allow the user to choose from a preset selection of layouts for the joysticks. For example, you could chose to set the right joystick to regular (point up to look up) or inverted (point up to look down) but you couldn't choose to make the right joystick do what the buttons on the right do. The users aren't usually allowed to change them beyond these presets. I think doing it this way will be the easiest for you. For the buttons you can easily give them access to, let the player customize them. For the gamepad and joysticks, have a couple preset options and let the player select which preset they like best.

    Not only will this be the easiest customization for you to implement, but for the most part, players are already used to having gamepad options work this way.

    Hope my suggestion helps and good luck with your project.

  • Very good suggestion. I will propose preset of configuration for the both analog and offer poeple to set any action to their buttons. That should fix my problem.

    Thanks you!

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