Do I need to buy multiple licenses?

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  • Hi all, as a game developer that wants to make both SFW and NSFW games, I have separate online aliases because I'm not comfortable with fans of my SFW work knowing that I also make racy stuff. The thing I'm worried about is the $5000 made before I need to upgrade to a business account. Now I'm perfectly happy with giving Scirra their dues and upgrading my SFW account to a business account, but since my NSFW work would technically be contributing to that $5000 I'm worried that people will find out that my two worlds are connected. Maybe people might look through the coding and find a common developer ID or something; I'm not entirely sure how it works but I'm fairly certain Scirra has ways to track down people who try to sell games using pirated licenses.

    Can I continue to use my single personal license for multiple personas or would I have to purchase multiple personal licenses to keep my identities separate?

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Maybe the best thing is to email: .

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