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  • A nice feature would be some simple shape object, with options for lines, circles, rectangles, and simple color control. This would come immensely in handy with simple emitters such as gunshot hits, blood, and other simple particle effects. Random colors could be utilized for a nicer looking effect and for more in-depth customization. And lines, well, having two X and Y coordinates would make life a LOT easier.

    I hope you can add these to your long list of features planned for the amazing engine that is Construct 2.

  • There currently working on a editor so we can draw straight from Construct2. there only a 2 man team, and only 1 of them actually works on the engine.

  • This makes me think that when people start making REAL money with C2 a different business model may have to be adopted like open sourcing C2 and change the source of revenue for Scirra like paying x$ a year or giving a % game revenue for Scirra etc. Of course this business model is impossible right now but might be viable in the future. I don't really like this idea myself though. Just thinking loud.

    In any case Scirra needs more developers. Ash is doing a great work but for what C2 aims to be one dev is just not enough imo. It is now, but it'll surelly not be suficient in the future. I'm worried since Stencyl is way ahead in many things. It wont take too long before they reach the mark of Flash, HTML5, Android, iOS and EXE export. (info taken from site). I don't believe HTML5 for everything is the way to go. I hope i'm wrong.

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  • you say 1 dev is not enough. And I kinda agree. but Ashley is amazing, Her provides a new update roughly once a week. Which usually have significant adaptations. He's built a HTML5 engine, and HTML5 is relatively new.

    I agree having more devs would be usefull, But then updates would probably take longer as you would have to rely on the other devs..

  • Shapes is another thing that has been on our todo list already for a while now - maybe you could try persuading a third party dev to make it in the SDK if you can't wait for us to get round to it.

  • There is allready another user who's developing a plugin to draw shapes at runtime. Follow the thread here:

  • smitchell Yeah he's amazing i've never said he isn't :)

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