Could i use NAS for a multiplayer server game

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  • Hello, I want to make my own multiplayer game without internet hosting.

    If i buy a NAS server ( Network Attaches Storage) could I use it for a game server.

    I don't want to buy a online server ( hosting) becous I want to make a big, stable multiplayer game(s)

    Thank you

  • Radulepy - Its been a while since I've checked but I'm pretty sure current exporters don't support WebRTC yet (someone please correct me if you know differently) so you can't even make multi-player games as stand alone apps yet.

    So assuming its multi-player game using Official C2 Multiplayer Plugin (Uses WebRTC) the game files need to be launched in a real browser (That supports WebRTC as not all of them currently do) from a real website that people will go to, to play the game. That domain has to be hosted somewhere. If I go to to play the game, that domain name has to translate to an IP address somewhere on the internet that is serving the game files that will launch the game on my computer. How will people find your game with out the game files being served to them from a server either hosted by you or externally that you pay for?

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  • C2 supports webrtc but webrtc is not supported properly by IE. I believe that is changing probably in Spartan/Edge.

    I am however confused by the question. a server can be as simple as a cheap PC, or you could repurpose a NAS (not sure why you would though) or you could outsource it to Azure/Amazon/ISP. A lot depends on what you want... if your "server" is just providing storage, then the computational aspect of the machine will be small and you probably could do it with a NAS (though I really worry if it could ever be that light). However if the "server" needs to do calculations, manage comms, then I suspect you need something with more ooompf.

    spec out how much processing and storage you need... spec out the quality of your home internet connection and issues such as latency... then you can figure out the cheapest way to do it. If really low.. why not go for a raspberry pi duo (extreme example). )


  • rho troublesum

    OK, so I should buy a cheap pc and do it a "server' out of it.

    Understood, Thanks

  • rho troublesum

    Could I ask you guys something?

    I made a small logo for me and it has something like pac man could i publish it or I will violate some rights?

  • not an expert... but if it has "something like" a copy-righted material then you are into the area of derivative works and they fall under the original copy-rights. There are regional variations in the rules around them and there are allowed usages such as for parody, etc... however my mildly-educated laymans perspective of it is that if it's recognisable as "something like", then it's likely to be in dodgy territory.

    your only argument against this is that something like pacman has become so universal and has been historically unprotected, that it is now public domain... this is not the case here.

    PS: there is also the useful fact of life, suing you costs... for hobbyists they are likely only to tell you to stop using it, if they detect you, and if you are using it in a relatively harmless way - and detection is very unlikely if you have a small group of viewers or you are very small scale. However if you are confusing or damaging their brand (which happens when you get popular) or trying to leverage their brand to YOUR commercial success, they will hit you hard

  • rho,

    Thanks man, you helped me a lot.

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