The mystery of performance on android

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  • Hi, I'm trying my multiplayer game on chrome for android.

    I upload the game to bitballoon and then I try it on android (Galaxy S6).

    Resolution 320x160.

    All events disabled.

    No scroll.

    No physics.

    Without tilemap objects.

    Only one text object that is written every 0.5 seconds shows the fps.

    Two sprite objects that only reproduce an animation slowly of 2 frames.

    Something else out there, like 3 spritefont objects that are not processed because the events have been deactivated.

    The performance starts at 60 fps and ends down at 35/45 fps.

    I think this has happened to many people before but I do not know the reason.

    Does anyone know anything about this mystery with performance?

    I have run the debugger on PC, I do not see anything that increases CPU usage.

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  • It may be a problem with bitballoon...

    Have you tried putting the game on the Scirra Arcade / other html5 hosting site to see if the performance is any better?

  • I have tried in scirra arcade but there are too many questions to do a test.

    Also I have not seen the option of putting the game in private, in this moment my game is private, I do not want to publish it.

    I will look for another host other than bitballoon.

  • It seems that there are not many like bitballoon, easy and fast.

    Do you know any to upload and try my game ?.

  • I don't know any other sites...

    What about the C2 Preview over LAN? (Tutorial link: ... al-network)

  • It seems that there are not many like bitballoon, easy and fast.

    Do you know any to upload and try my game ?.

    What about ?

    Edit: i got curious about this issue and tested the FPS. So far basically one layout and worked with 55fps+ with no problems.

    I have a bullet shot, couple sprites with sine behaviours (one has also bullet behaviour) and 1280x720 res. Also couple every X seconds and Every tick events.

    Phone is just a LG X Power.

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