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  • I have a question regarding placing audio into the music or sounds folder. When I started creating my game I was developing it for use on the web. As such I was placing my music and other audio files that aren't utilized very often into the music folder so that they would stream and not require being downloaded. Now I've changed directions and am going to be exporting using node-webkit instead. Since all the audio files will need to be downloaded already, would it be to my advantage to move all the sound files from the music folder into the sounds folder, or will it make no difference? Currently as it stands I have around 100 files in the sounds folder and 3 to 4 times that in the music folder.


    I should add that download time isn't going to be an issue for me. The only concern is since the files are already downloaded, will they play immediately even if placed in the music folder, or will they still try to stream?

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  • Streaming just prevents any wait time that could be caused by loading the audio file. Since loading from HDD is very fast, there will be no relevant waiting times for either sound or music -> you will observe no difference.

  • I beleive it's mostly just a reference for your personal sorting. i know that the actual exports all the music, sound and extra files are just put in the root.

    heck i can put sound in a music folder and it still plays when I specify the sound folder.

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