Music Halting on Scirra Arcade?[Resolved]

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  • Hi, wanted to ask: i did a new visualization type of example in scirra arcade, its a bit intensive, however, around 30% in to the song playing, the music stops, any idea why?

    Is that the Arcade area has a limited cache for each template? or is it a connection/buffer issue?

    on localhost C2 preview song never glitches

    song is a .ogg format exported from audacity as Stereo 32000 Hz 32-bit float

    is it because i dont use the normal loading layout?

    or that i checked the Clear background to "NO"?

    Arcade examplealso found in signature that breaks.

    or could it be that is because of the audio plugin analyser effect that i added 3 times, with different FFT sizes? (3x analyser effect with FFT sizes from 2^12,2^11,2^10/smoothing 0.6-0.3-0.2) = needed more then 1 analyser effect to be applied, for the right rms configuration since its a stereo. atleast thats what i seen so far from my past tests, applying 1 analyser effect only gives u ability to customize one data, while having more is similar with doing dual band beat detection, which works fine on preview, but it seems it might be to expensive on online demo.

    Example uses the Q3D plugin, and some shader FX (requires automatically webgl), however its not that intensive as events, its a basic 10-15 event system that loops.

    (internet im playing from is a 1 Gb bandwidth connection, PC rig with enough resources - i dont drop under 60-59 fps and i dont go up from 0.05 CPU utilization)

    Edited: i uploaded the same (source link changed-to a more stable host)example on one of my websites that has free hosting(low resources) so far song did not break.

    Ashley or Tom can get some info on this? is it a arcade problem (or maybe arcade doesn't act properly since i use the 3d object as .js file and the custom Q3D plugin which i remember the arcade only allows some plugins and the default files, but then i was allowed to upload it anyway.)

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  • Your demo works just fine, what browser are you using ?

  • Your demo works just fine, what browser are you using ?


    well that kinda changes everything......... this is weird now. based on your reply, i played the game using Mozilla, the music doesn't stop anymore, and i loved Chrome so much ..... sry for calling all the people in topic just to realize is a Chrome "natural thing".

  • Chrome sucks, I ditched it long ago for Opera, try latest version of Opera, it has a lot of functionalities that other browsers don't have such as a free VPN, an Adblocker and a the ability to pin youtube videos ontop while working.

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