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  • all I wan't to know is how to make 1 sprite do different animations while jumping, running, standing ect. I already have the animations but I have no clue how to trigger them. Am I going down the right Path? I don't know how to post a screen shot but I already know how to make him run left in right with the animations I have, but how do I make him do his standing and running animaitons? So far for the jumping one,My object was my sprite, my condition was platform jumping, then I clicked sprite for action but I have NO CLUE what to do after that. Am I on the right track?

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  • There are couple of ways to do it. I personally took advice from this podcast series


    It's a bit long but there are many issues addressed there that are very helpful and all around informative.

  • LieutenantDavid

    If you already made your player object be able to move and get animated for left or right, then the rest of the actions follow basically the same setup.

    To have the player do the idle/standing animation, you want him to trigger that when he isn't moving, so you do:

    Player: [X]Platform is moving --> Player: Set animation to "name_of_idle_anim" (play from the beginning)

    The "[X]Platform is moving" has that big X before it because I inverted its value, which basically reads as "Platform is NOT moving." Just right-click on the event and you will be able to select "Invert" for it.

    For the jumping animations, you do exactly the same, but this time you search for the trigger that checks when the player is actually jumping (you could also give it a falling animation!):

    Player: Platform is jumping --> Player: Set animation to "name_of_jump_anim" (pay from the beginning)

    Last but not least, you could follow this easy tutorial to achieve every basic thing you would want for a platformer.

    Hope that helps!

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