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  • Just wondering which style of coding works better for the program.

    Creating small evensheets for multiple actions and behaviours through out the game or just put the majority of coding into one long even sheet.

    I can see advantegs and disadvanteges in both styles, but which style works better for construct2 or doesn't it matter that much. As long you keep it logical?

  • Depends on the game. If is a little game of about 200 events there is no problem on using 1 event sheet, but in larger projects it will become a chore to fix bugs, make changes, etc.

  • I use multiple event sheets even when it's smaller than 200 events. It helps organize the code and allows event sheet reuse

  • I have noticed significant better performances when certain actions/loops are not on the same even sheet.

    You can look at an event sheet like a dedicated loop, looping through the events.

    Obviously, the longer the list of events, the more processing it needs to do for that particular loop.

    At first glance this might not make that big a difference, but, when carefully splitting up collision events and continuously running loops, you will notice a smoothness you will never reach with stuffing everything in a single event sheet.

    And ofc, using the profiler with multiple event sheets helps you track down bottlenecks in processing

  • And also, multiple event sheets is a really great way to organize yourself, It is clearly a very good thing to have multiple event sheets

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  • My Event View for a Manic Miner clone. It means I can amend each element of the game easily, without having to go hunting for a particular routine.

  • Gonna have to go with the crowd on multiple event sheets. Also, use groups and disable pieces of code that are not needed at the moment to get the best performance out of your creation.

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