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  • hello, i am experimenting (new to C2) with multiplayer in a turn-based 4 player game. one sprite is synced across all players, and usually works. i noticed that occasionally, dont know why, it stops syncing for one or two players: the unsynced player's actions appear for the host and other players but the unsynced player doesnt see his own plays. (its turn-based so each player messages the host what he plays, and the host does the actual playing and syncs this so everyone sees each play)

    then today i realized that the collision check says NaN/tick, see image. none of my sprites have any physics and i dont require collision checking, so never turned this on or have any code requiring collision checks.


    any idea whats going on here? is the NaN issue likely related? seems so.

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  • anyone?

  • NaN means Not a Number. NaN is not your problem.

    Your actual problem could be many. There isn't enough detail. It's customarily a good idea to leave code for review.

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