Multiplayer and server side saves?

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  • Hi guys,

    I have a few questions and have read the forums but can't exactly find the answer to it

    1) The current state of multiplayer on C2 is based on the peer being the server and is connected through IP address yes? Is it possible to do an auto match feature? If yes, how to go about doing so?

    2) Is there such a thing in C2 to do a server side save game? I read about this new google play games services feature which allows you to have your save game get uploaded into the cloud. The thread which was being discussed on is as ---->

    The reason i'm asking these is, i would like to have my game being able to play online co-op with other players and players will be able to unlock skins and weapons to show off during online play.

    Are these features possible to implement in C2?

  • 1) no, a peer is a client, connected to other clients. The c2 host is considered the "server" side of things.

    2) If you are thinking about RPG like mechanics, just store your player info somewhere, together with whatever he or she unlocked.

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  • C2MP does not do cloud storage. How about using just saving your data on Googleplay since it's an online game anyways. Some games using multiple services to do stuff. 1 Connection to handle data, rooms, group chat, and then use another server for the action.

  • Hi guys,

    Many thanks for your response.

    Some info of my game:

    I'm currently developing a SHMUP for mobile devices and some of the features which i'm thinking of is as follows

    1) Players to unlock ships, weapons, colors, effects through attaining certain achievements in game.

    2) To support online multiplayer up to 4 players .

    The reason why i need a server side data host is to prevent client side hacking to unlock achievements and items without actually playing the game. And also to support online multiplayer.

    Are these functions possible with C2? So far i can't find actual documentations on these topics

  • Yes they are possible.

    But no there is not "one" (as in singular) document/tutorial that covers those topics at once, seeing as the techniques used for similar mechanics are quite diverse.

    To keep it simple, just try and use the c2 multiplayer to create the multiplayer aspect.

    And use Ajax, or as Jayderyu mentions, google play services, to store data.

    There are a many paths to rome, you just need to find a path that suits your envisioned gameplay.

  • The problem with storing information locally is that hackers, or anyone with half a brain, can edit the files and just give themselves any and every item the user wants.

  • lennaert Yes i think there's research to be done as seeing that not much was touched in the forums regarding these.

    Tekniko Yes, this is what i would very much like to prevent from happening. Which is why all achievements and unlocks have to be on the server side to prevent these types of edits.

    Google Play Game Services seems to be the next best choice and would like to check. Can this work with Construct 2? ... ultiplayer

    Real Time Multiplayer from Google, if i were to use this, must i still implement the multiplayer plugin from C2?

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