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  • So, I have finally started playing around with the multiplayer plugin - because my son has been pestering me to help him for months. I have been telling him to work on learning the basics of C2, and that multiplayer is too complex for him. But he is getting to the point where he is ready to give it a try, so that means I have to know how it works too...

    So far things are going great! Having the Real-time multiplayer template has been a life saver.

    One place where we are having a little issue is on customizing the peer character. He wants to have players choose a few options for their character before they join the game.

    We have the Host create the default character, then the peer sends the chosen options in a message to the host. The host updates the peer object (which then syncs out to all the players). That looks a little funny because you see the default object for a couple ticks before it snaps to the right character when ever a new peer joins. We got around that problem by creating new peers invisible until the host gets the options and sets a flag saying it is ok to make the new peer visible.

    It would be a lot easier if you could pass parameters in the Multiplayer Login action (the way you pass parameters to a function). That way, when the host gets the On Peer Connected event it would be able to set up the peer object correctly without all the hassle.

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