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  • I understand the new multiplayer plugin is new and it may be a while, but will mobile ever be supported with multiplayer? I made an app that was multiplayer using PeerJS but that was not supported when exporting to CocoonJS. I see the latest update fixes the crash with multiplayer plugin and CocoonJS but it is not supported still.

    Is it an unrealistic dream to get multiplayer (even at a turn base level) working on mobile platforms?

  • It already is supported in Chrome for Android. When Crosswalk gets updated to Chrome 33+, it will work there too. It's less clear when/if it will arrive to other browsers/mobile platforms, but I'd expect like most standards the support will broaden over time.

  • Thanks for the reply. Does that mean the app would have to be run in the browser rather than as en exported app? Do you think it will be supported in CocoonJS in the future? I've tried crosswalk but it has too much of a performance drop for my app, where CocoonJS keeps at full speed 98% of the time =(

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  • CocoonJS and Ejecta are unlikely to ever support it, because neither of them are real browser engines. Crosswalk is rapidly improving and hopefully you'll find in the next version or two it's a lot better.

  • The flaw with Crosswalk is that everyone is too hesitent to put it on iOS. So Android no problem, iOS problem. Also what are the other states of other devices. How about WP8, BB, Tizen?

  • WP8 depends on what IE does (and I don't know what their plans regarding WebRTC are), but I think BB10 and Tizen have Chromium-derived engines so would be likely to support it in future providing they keep their browser engines up to date.

  • Are the new versions planned to be out soon? It was about 2 weeks ago I tried crosswalk and performance was really bad so I went strait back to CocoonJS =(

  • Ashley - Hello, I had a game exported for Android and I used Intel XDK to produce an .apk file so I can install it on an a samsung android phone. It works fine. However when I use the same procedure for the sample of Multiplayer Chat, I got the "Multiplayer not supported" error with the Android built using Intel XDK. I also tried a Crosswalk built with Intel XDK, it did not show any error but the app will not got beyond the login screen. Can you please give some advice what I should do. I want to run the multiplayer chat on an android phone using .apk install and not through actual browser. Thanks.

  • Ashley said the next XDK updates will likely have WebRTC. Not the current one. However you could use the Canary XDK build which might support it

  • jayderyu

    Thanks, I think they have support for it now as I have got my App online and working with Android and Desktop cross play. Little buggy but working =)

  • I don't believe XDK is using Chrome 33 yet. Not sure when it's coming. I just use the browser to test.

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