Multiplayer, Peers not syncing with host correctly

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  • So i've started working on a small Multiplayer Platformer just to see whats possible to do in construct, when i suddenly stumbled upon a little problem. It seems like when a peer is walking around it has trouble to sync with the host and itself so it starts shaking. I have no idea why this is happening and i would really apreaciate some help. Just start the game in two different windows and walk around with the assigned peer.

    (Note i can't post links because i have under 300 rep)

    See for yourself:




    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi !

    Do the samples and tutorials (ghost shooter, etc.) behave properly ?

    If they do, check your logic, setup and game updates against the samples. I couldn't open the capx, but did you disable the behaviours on the peers ? host authority vs. peer logic could cause this kind of shakiness

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