Multiplayer not working on android chrome...?

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  • Can you please help me confirm a possible Multiplayer bug in android chrome? These simple steps should confirm my observations:

    • Open a new c2 project and use the Multiplayer Pong example/template.
    • Change the room name to something unique (just append some digits to the default) - as if you want your players to join a specific room.
    • Export the project to somewhere that will host html5 (I know, it's now a pain - I now use which automatically syncs with a dropbox folder).
    • Run the project on desktop (localhost will do) and join your room as host.
    • Run the exported project on android chrome.
    • Observe the indications in the LogText readout.

    I am consistently seeing "Attempting to establish connection to host" and then "Kicked (either could not connect to host or host quit) in android chrome. This does not happen if I open numerous browser tabs using either localhost, the exported project link or a combination of html5 sources. The only conclusion I can come to is that this is an incompatibility between the Multiplayer plugin and android/chrome. But, just to be sure, I would appreciate some confirmation that it's not a unique glitch in my setup before I submit a bug report.


  • Just to add that this was tested using Wifi (not 4g / 3g) to negate this potential problem. When testing with my other project the Host can see the Peer for a few seconds (peer count 2 with correct alias), but the On Peer Connected trigger does not fire before the (incomplete) connection is terminated....

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  • Chrome on Android has identical WebRTC support to the desktop browser, and I've tested it worked successfully in Chrome Android in the past, so I would assume that any such issues are network-layer connectivity issues which are far more common than WebRTC bugs.

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