Multiplayer on mobile?

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  • Hi guys,

    Does multiplayer work on mobile apps? If so what wrapper did you use? CJS, Corvdova/Phonegap, Crosswalk?

    I've not tried it yet and hoping somebody that has been there and done it can point me in the right direction.

    Thanks in advance,

    ~The Wyrm

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  • TheWyrm, I think it should work on Android but not on iOS. iOS doesn't yet support WebRTC to my knowledge currently.

  • kmsravindra thanks.

    So according to the browsers that support it are Chrome, Firefox and Opera. So I assume that it will run on Cordova/PhoneGap on Lollipop and Crosswalk, but none of the others.

    Has anybody tried multiplayer on Cordova/PhoneGap/Crosswalk?

  • shows that Safari is a bit behind <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Official webrtc on ios is sometime to come. however because Cordova allows native code to be accessed by JS. All hope is not lost. There is a group out there doing a WebRTC layer for PhoneGap. I'm not sure if they are doing a 1:1 function calling though. If they are then PhoneGap is your access to WebRTC on IOS in the mean time.

    However depending on the nature of your online game. You can still use WebSocket for fault and corrective realtime(ie non precision realtime), you can use comet based ajax, or you can even use nodejs websocket or comet commet communication. The only downfall to this is that you need to do more effort on programming your own server side work.

    Does MP work on IOS yes, does not the MP WebRTC plugin work on IOS not at this time ....

  • It should work on any Chromium-based platform. IIRC it includes:

    • Chrome for Android (works on Android 4.0+)
    • Crosswalk for Android (works on Android 4.0+)
    • Cordova/PhoneGap Build (on Android 5.0+)

    Until Android 5.0 is widespread, I'd go with Crosswalk.

  • That sounds pretty cool. I'll look into that at some point.

    Ashley Cheers for the info.

    I'll give it a go at some point when I get a break in my present project. I have idea I want to try out.

  • Hi TheWyrm

    I did multiplayer for my mobile app on Android Touch Bowls. I started it before the multiplayer plugin was out on C2 so I made it with the PeerJS plugin. It works using crosswalk XDK to wrap it. For my next game I will look at using the official plugin as I have got it connecting with XDK / crosswalk. Neither work with CocoonJS.

    I have tested my app online and it also works cross play desktop on Chrome browser will connect to Android using crosswalk / XDK =)

  • Mayfly Thanks! That's great to hear.

  • Mayfly it does not work for me black screen

    but he multiplayer plugin of construct2 works on android or not?

  • iwissky yes for some reason my app gets stuck at a black screen sometime. I think its the plugin used so hopefully once I learn / implement Google Play services it will fix it. Also being online helps it load for some reason. (Although the Lite version seems to load fine??). If you get stuck at the black screen, try pressing home button, then bring up the multi task window and reload back into the app. Helps it work for me on my tablet. I am not using the standard multiplayer plugin, but the peerjs one.

  • OK thank you

    but I try to make an application in multiplayer Peer to peer and the plugin peerjs Makes crash my aplication (screen black) you can help me?

    And the multiplayer integrated into construct 2 work on mobile. Sorry for all this question but I am lost and I would really like that my game works with multiplayer Peer to peer

    Ty again

    and sorry for my bad English

  • iwissky I feel your pain...

    I logged this bug the other day... do you see an error message like mine at least?

  • iwissky

    PeerJS plugin works on Android mobile if creating through XDK compiler. unfortunately it wasn't working on CocoonJS (although not sure if any updates since last 4 months have changed this as I've been away from App making). Are you on skype? I can add you and go through an example of connecting peerJS plugin if you like. I think if I dig through I have an example of just a chat program testing connections at least.

  • That does not still work, need help

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