Multiplayer low FPS only every other time

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  • Hi there,

    I made a very basic multiplayer example to test out a few things, and something really weird is happening : the host's FPS gets and remains low (about 15 fps) every other time I run the program. 1 try out of 2, the host's fps is low. I close the program, then I start it again and it runs at around 60 fps. And it keeps doing that systematically. First fps is low, then fps is normal, then fps is low again, then fps is normal again... you see the picture.

    And it does that with every game/app I make using multiplayer so far. Not only is it strange and annoying, but when the host has such a low fps, the game doesn't run well for anyone.

    So far I have tested it only at home, both on the same computer with different browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Seamonkey) and on three different computers (using Firefox) leaving the multiplayer plugin to its default connection type (which is Internet even though it could be LAN in my case).

    Am I the only one dealing with this? Anyone wants to try it too and tell me how it goes on their side?

  • *Bump*

    Anyone who had any issues with fps on host side with multiplayer apps/games then?

  • Hey Kan,

    I am inclined to think its a driver issue but its weird if it does the same thing on 3 different computers. Do they all have integrated graphics by any chance? It runs at 60 fps for me though it does lose about 15 fps briefly when you first get connected to the peer.

  • GenkiGenga My main computer has dedicated vram and it seems like the driver's up-to-date (according to Construct 2 anyway). As for the two other computers, one is an old professional laptop and has the latest driver available (and probably dedicated vram too), while the other's a tiny laptop with a factory driver and probably shared ram.

    I think my problem would rather have something to with my router then. Thanks for trying it on your side anyway.

  • No problem, the only time I have had fps issues where I shouldn't have has been with computers with *integrated graphics. Hope you get it worked out.

  • : You mean "integrated" graphics, right?

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  • Yeah i did. Lol, I dont know how I managed that.

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