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  • I keep consistently getting this bug no matter what i do. The player gets kicked for sending a rudimentary message which happens to be an array. I do this all the time with vastly more complex information being sent through arrays and this array is super tiny. There is no real reason I can find why the player would keep getting kicked and this is driving me crazy especially since a lot of people payed for our game and our server is completely broken from this

    I get the same result from our linux server in chicago and locally on my own windows system

    If anyone has any Ideas I'm all ears.

    Here is the array.... yeah.... its pretty empty and simple.

  • Okay so I figured it out. Appearantly you cant send the "Same" tagged message too many times or else something out there starts to deny you. In no way does this actually make sense. But unfortunately is a fact. I guess instead of using the same message name and specifying what the true message is in the array, I'll have to split everything up into seperate message tag names. OUCH

    I would love for someone to explain to me why this is a thing

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  • Made a further discovery of the exact problem. It was nothing more than these actions:

    deleting the actions on the right fixed everything


    Considering it's always worked before with them clearing out just like this. It just started happening out of nowhere. I did install a new version of nodewebkit soooooo maybe that was the culprit? Even still, it got progressively buggier until finally just giving out entirely. removing 4 events somehow fixed it. to me it all seems unrelated. anyone have any ideas?

  • So you cleared out the "on peer message" event? What do you do about clearing and resetting your arrays?

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