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  • I am thinking of doing with my friends an action-rpg multiplayer lan. Since I met Construct 2 I have been fascinated with. But I searched for tutorials on a multiplayer made here and I have not found anything concrete.

    So I turn to this forum ... Construc2 allows me to create this? an action rpg that you can play 4 players online in the local area

  • The whole networking in C2 is built around the idea of using a signalling server to connect peers together in rooms/sessions. You don't connect directly and specifically to a host IP ; as such, there is no exposed support for a typical closed LAN infrastructure where a player would choose to be the host and others would connect to it via its local address.

    Nevertheless, you still have options ; you can run a signalling server locally and do some extra work. Or, if your LAN also has a shared internet connection, you can use the default C2 behaviour (using the C2 signalling server and sorting the NAT for you, making the LAN irrelevant)

    If you make a game, you should try to make it playable by as many users as possible. A closed LAN without shared internet is a rare scenario, these days ; my advice would be to use the built-in C2 features, which would save you time and would cover 99% of the situations.

  • You're right, but in this way. Its possible save the progresss ? Being an RPG is necessary to save .......

    Thanks for the reply and sorry my bad english.

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  • In your situation, you cannot rely on the local webstorage, but it should be possible to "serialise" the important states and data of your game session and store the info in a shared location (remote database, etc.).

    Possibly doable, but certainly not trivial, and probably a sizeable amount of work to get to work right.

    Maybe you can design your game around this limitation, and make the "save" data minimal and easy to manage

    In the current state of things, and given the philosophy of the framework, I don't think there's an easy solution to networking multiplayer saves. Maybe someone will prove me wrong, but it sounds like you'd need at least a database, some server logic layers with php/ajax, some custom load/save mechanism, etc. It would be convoluted, and you would lose the benefits of using C2, i.e. the high productivity for simple games.

  • Ok thanks again

    In fact if I just do not think a mmorpg where to save each user would require ....i want like games like diablo2 or dungeon siege, games 4 players and save your progress in the story.

  • Ok i will try it!!

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