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  • Hello,

    I tryed multiplayer examples but getting javascript errors (error depends on browsers - mostly by undefined arrays /objects etc.) all the time when I launch it. I not find any solutions on Google or tutorials here. Does implemented multiplayer work? Or should I download / install something?

    Maybe I do something wrong? ... dunno.

    Is there any limitations? Only same browsers can communicate etc? Which browsers can run multiplayer atm? Is it stable for chat (or non-game applications)? How many peers can be connected to host without getting lags?



  • Did you try the examples from the official tutorial or some other 3rd party example?

  • junatar: I try the examples from the official tutorial. Still have problem to get it work on all browsers except Chrome. Chat example work on it.

  • You should post a bug report following all the guidelines (including the full and exact text of any error messages) if you want us to look in to this.

    Note I'd first try disabling all your browser addons, since some buggy addons can break C2's code.

  • Ashley, Iam getting same errors on two computers (diff. specs, apps, connection). I thought that everyone have same problem or I overlooked something.

    Ok so Multiplayer Chat Example:

    Internet Explorer 9 - javascript error, ArrayBuffer is not defined, , line 119 (col undefined)

    FireFox - javascript error, DataView is not defined, , line 120 (col undefined)

  • IE never supported webrtc AFAIK, firefox can be inconsistent sometimes but there's no problem so far from May until recent version.

    Have you tried out opera?

  • Oh, you're still on IE9? I'd better review the multiplayer code and check it doesn't assume higher support.

    What version of Firefox are you on? DataView was added some time ago.

  • So IE (all vesions) not support C2 Multiplayer object? ... Opera not work too (but I have not newest version because of its stupid control). I have Firefox 11.0 but mostly use IE ... like 90% of Earth population

    MAC Safari not work with Multiplayer object too?

  • I have Firefox 11.0

    That is super old! I think webrtc is not yet ready when FF 11.0 is released though, that is how old it is.

    mostly use IE ... like 90% of Earth population

    Divide by 10.

    MAC Safari not work with Multiplayer object too?

    I think you did not notice the time has lapsed. You should update your browsers though.

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  • Thanks for link to! This is what I looking for!

    If you run Multiplayer with IE, function .IsSupported looks like not working.

  • It should be fixed in the r185 beta. The support check broke on IE9.

    Currently only Firefox and Chrome support WebRTC for multiplayer to work, but IE have shown interest in adding support.

  • Thanks Ashley for answers.

  • Can someone verify this situation?

    1) Sprite as button with "Is touching" action placed into layout (into viewport) = all works good. Only mouse over + click will start action.


    2) Sprite as button with "Is touching" action placed into layout BUT half is out of screen. If I click on Sprite and scroll viewport to position that I see other half of the button (button is like transmit between left and right side of one layout) and back again, than everytime I move over that Sprite, an action "Is touching" start without click on it!

    It looks like wrong to me. Code is so simple that i will not post it.

    I tested that everytime I scroll with Viewport, "Is touching" action will broke. Even If I create two Sprites as buttons and places each to different place and clicking will scroll to each other.

    Only click somewhere after Scroll operation end. Thank button lost "focus" maybe?... dunno.

    Did I do something wrong?


  • And another weird function:

    Keyboard function "Key is down" will stuck ON while you click (with Touch object) onto (enabled) TextBox. Only solution is disable all TextBoxes while any of Key is down and reeneble while all keys are released!

    Or ... did I misunderstood something?


  • Is there a better solution for TextBox object?

    When is TextBox focused, project starts ignoring some actions (sprite visibility, network communication, key actions etc.).


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