What if the Multiplayer Host is just a console?

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  • Hi, I'm Junnior, I'm Brazilian and I've been using Construct (specifically 2) for some time.

    Recently, I studied and created a game using the standard multiplayer Plug-In from construct 2. The game is football, everyone moves their player, and the game is very good, but this is not entirely the case.

    I've been wondering if, it is possible to make a game version for the host where, the host will only transmit variables, locations and arrays, and will not see anything more than a "console" (formed by texts and textboxes).

    Thus, transmitting only location information, players, and everything needed, customers would view the game using the information that the host will pass on.

    The clients (or peers) would create objects, movements on the screen, according to what the host will send to them.

    Remember that all this using the multiplayer plug-in.

    Because I thought about it: The complexity of my game makes it very heavy, sometimes the connection is good, the ping is great, but the computer is processing the game slowly and because of that, the peer feels the host's locks on the game.

    I'm thinking of creating a system with this concept, what do you think?

    Add information, give me information, so we can create ways to make a multiplayer game better in the construct.

    Translated from Portuguese to English by Google.

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