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  • The existing tutorials on the new "multiplayer" game functionality for C2 are "great". However - I think we would all like to see some more "game examples" of how multiplayer should be setup in the actual game based upon game type. I would love to see an example of a "simple" 2 player board game (chess or checkers) to be able to study the actual required events and necessary objects that would need to be synced between the "host" and 'peer". i am sure that there are other types of games that would be of benefit to other designers.



  • A great method i use is I can make one player trigger another function on another players screen to simulate the action instead of associating objects. on one end I store a function name and params in dictionary and then send it as json as a message to other players. they see the message parse it back to a dictionary and run the function.

    For a game like checkers you could create small functions that perform the move actions. the player that initiates the move just send the function name to the other players... the other player(s) call it at the near same time you did so it looks real time.. you wind up sending like 2-3 messages instead of one for each position move. theres no lag to compensate for.. works realy nice for me... required putting in a persistent call... so if I tell the object to simulate running I tell it to persist on the other players screen until i send the next instruction to stop. Sorry no tutorial but its an idea that i think others would benefit from...

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  • Thanks for your quick reply...

  • Would love to see an example for a lobby where players can see the existing rooms and create new rooms/join rooms. The functionality was implemented with the latest beta build.

  • But shouldn't the new possibilities allow to create a lobby system with rooms without having to run a server?

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