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  • i use the multiplayer game example from scirra and something very strange happens to me.

    I entered the game from my local computer and sometimes there is another player who plays with me (Not just in there, is really playing with me).

    2 Questions

    1. I want to replace the firing to bullets and not to with a laser as in the example game.

    2. I put pictures (for walls) and gave them a solid behavior and I can not do the shooting stops when he hit the wall.

    I would love if someone could help me (I am attaching the project).

    If someone would do this to me I am willing to pay for it. Please Please Please!!!

  • -@maordany,

    -first of all you are using same game-instance, room and game_name as in tutorial...So its very much possible that someone trying out the same tutorial is playing with you So change the room_name to something unique for your game

    • You can very much replace laser with bullets but you may have to give them a bullet behavior, velocity, angle etc., as parameters that are read at the peer as well...
    • I didnt understand what you meant by shooting stops when hitting the wall...Do you want the shooting to stop or shooting should continue after hitting the wall?

    I might be able to help you with this project, but multiplayer game is complex and time taking...So if you are willing, I can spend time on it. Sent you a PM.

  • Thank you I guess I'll need your help. I will be in touch this week.

    Is it possible to build a network game without the connection to scirra server "wss://" and set the connection from my server? Is it possible and how hard it is? if i buy the (Personal License) Will I have the opportunity to do it?

    If I use scirra servers am I limited to the amount of users playing at the same time in the game?

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  • maordany, AFAIK, If you do not want to connect to the public server, then you will have to buy both C2 license as well as the multiplayer signalling server from scirra store for your personal use. Then you can host/deploy the multiplayer signalling server on your network...I think the multiplayer signalling server itself doesn't pose any limitations on number of users but your host computer bandwidth limitations might restrict the simultaneous users to probably less than 30 or so...

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