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  • Tried just a simple test with the multiplayer for CocoonJS. Just adding the object into a game makes it not load when testing with latets CocoonJS launcher. I get an error:

    I'll try posting on Ludei site too but I dont seem to ever get help there

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  • It's probably not going to work on mobile for a long time. However, you should consider that mobile networks are VERY unreliable, almost useless for real time gaming, so you should probably use websockets instead!

  • it does seem to work on Chrome for Android on my device, I wonder if it works with Crosswalk?

  • Ill have to look into web socket then my game is turn based. I set my game up to work with peerjs then realised that doesn't work in cocoonjs :p oops!

  • CocoonJS doesn't support WebRTC at the moment (WebRTC is the tech used for the multiplayer object)

    Crosswalks should support it (not sure about now, but since chrome for android supports it, crosswalk should have it soon if not now)

  • Asked and covered. Thanks Aphrodite. And to confirm WebRTC is on Crosswalk however they have openly said that it's in rudimentary level so performance is not so good. Likely performance will be fine by time any big MP game is out. Since your game is turn base then there is even less worry.

    Also Fimbul is wrong. Network gaming on mobile is fine. It's been brought up before and shot down before. There are a handful of active online MMO on mobile devices.

  • I'm been pretty upset with CocoonJS. Sure you can deploy with it, but what about making money? I found a better solution: EJecta and wrote up a tutorial about it today. ... e-easy-way

    Ejecta is extensible and you should be able to call various Objective-C methods from it, so it's very possible to do what you're trying to do with it in XCode + Construct 2.

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