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  • Do anyone if multiplayer will be added to c2?

    And do anyone know if its possible to make a map creator in construct so others can create a map and save it and send it to me?

  • Multiplayer is on our todo list!

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  • Multiplayer is on our todo list!


  • Really awesome awesome!

    Can't wait.

  • ... possible to make a map creator in construct so others can create a map and save it and send it to me?

    I have seen some ways to do this in CC. What you do is basically to give different values to different object that one can place, then save it in a document (txt?)with the relevant data.


    Maze Game:

    A map where you have a room, but trough the editor can place 3 objects: Rectangle(can be rotated | or -), start and goal.

    Through the editor you place the start and goal, and the walls(rectangle). When you save the map, the document could be saved like:

    MapName = My Maze          (name, obviously)

    goal = 35,68          (object, coords)

    start = 468,300          (object, coords)

    rectangle = 100,100,2          (object, coords,rotation)

    rectangle = 200,200,2          (object, coords,rotation)

    rectangle = 250,250,1          (object, coords,rotation)

    Here rotation 1 is - and 2 is | or the opposite.

    In other words the document is built up:

    First variables(name, description, High score?)

    Second: Important data(X,Y,additional info)

    Third: Other data(X,Y,Additional info)

    Additional info can be rotation(exact or just state), color, number of pancakes on bunnies head, anything!

    Wrote this in school with crappy computer. Beware of mistypings. If i were unclear somewhere just tell. I'll also probably edit post later.

  • Multiplayer is on our todo list!

    That's fantastic to hear. What kind of time-frame are we looking at, here? A ballpark guess is fine. I am more curious, is all.

  • brockatkinson: not sure. Probably several months.

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