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  • I am planning to use Photon Plugin for multiplayer but i have some questions.

    1- I want to give my game to steam. Must i buy server or anything for multiplayer?

    2- Is Using photon Plugin easy?

    3- Can we add voice chat to game and How?

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  • 1 - You don't need a dedicated server if you plan on using the built in multiplayer plugin since it's based on peer-to-peer technology and uses Scirra's signalling server. If you want to, you can choose a different approach. Some of the developers here made custom servers for their games with Node.JS. Keep in mind that multiplayer is one of the hardest features in a game so I'd recommend some testing before you jump into any big projects.

    2 - Can't say anything about that.

    3 - Maybe with some 3rd party plugin. I'm not sure this can be done with the vanilla C2.

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