How to do multi touch on Android

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  • So, I have figured out how to *kind of* play multi touch games on the droid.

    *sorry if this is a repeat post, but I am new to this forum and construct and was quite pleased to figure this out. hope it helps!*

    1. Download the Opera browser plug in for droid.

    2. Export your html 5 construct game.

    3. copy the game files to the root directory of your android (for this example).

    4. open Opera on your phone, disable all the toolbars etc to suite your personal preferences.

    5. In the url box type "file://sdcard/index.html"

    This should bring up your game. "pinch" to size the screen as necessary.

    How does this work for you people? for me, the controls work MUCH better then the phonegap method, but the game doesn't look quite as nice.

    also, you can type "file://sdcard/index.html" into any droid browser that supports multi touch, but in my experience opera worked the best by far. But other browsers supported the odd sound effect!

    so who knows, maybe there is some perfect droid browser out there for testing construct games on the droid!

    please share your tips and tricks to getting the best possible construct 2 experience out of android!

    Edit: Is there some way to make the phone gap build launch the app in opera instead of the built in browser?

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  • hello , constructer ,

    i think that you don�t need to add your app on your phone sdcard

    Add it to dropbox and go to the link on your opera browser easy

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