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  • I think it would be nice to see in a future update a Multi-Monitor option. Ex: I can have the Event Sheet on one monitor and the Layout on another. I constantly do that to multitask with other things I do and think it would be an epic addition to Construct 2 for those multitaskers like myself.

  • If both your monitors are the same resolution you can actually already do it.

    Instead of maximizing Construct 2, stretch it manually over your two monitors.

    Then take the event sheet you want to have on the second monitor and drag/drop it to the right of the layout view, it will create a separation in the UI.

    Move that separation to fit the separation of your monitors and you can use C2 on two monitors at once, having layouts/event sheets separated and yet displaying at the same time.

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  • Sadly, I have 2 different resolution monitors... I was thinking something like Notepad ++ where you can drag tabs outside the editor so edit them on a separate screen.

  • You can kind of do that, but only with the detachable windows, such as properties and layers, et al. You can have tabs side-by-side, but if you are only using one monitor things get a little cramped (unless, of course, you stretch C2 across multiple monitors).

    As nice as it would be to have removable tabs, it's something we just have to work around, unfortunately.

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