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  • Just wondering. I'm messing around with a surface pro 3.

    IMO I want to use it as a pure finger tablet without a mouse , keyboard or stylus ( unless I'm doing artwork.) As IMO It works superbly well as a pure tablet when propped up with the stand on my lap and the screen keyboard is awesome enough for typing.

    However construct 2 doesn't seem to support the long press right click.

    Is this correct or am I doing something wrong?

  • I have a surface pro 4 and unfortunately long press does not work. Even the pen right click doesn't work correctly. Other things like selecting objects and rotating or scaling are difficult because of the high DPI screen. Hoping this stuff gets updated with C3.

  • Many Thanks for your swift reply.

    That is unfortunate. I've just purchased one second hand as kind of tester ( it didn't come with stylus )

    but I am already so impressed with the power of the device and the way it has changed the way I work that I was thinking I might replace all the computers in my life with them.

    I saw a video of a guy using krita with an app called Tablet Pro that allowed him to have a custom panel of buttons on the side. I'm sure one of them was right click. So this could solve the right click issue short term.

    I will put in a feature request.... you never know.


  • Someone filed a bug report about the long-press already, but I have no idea why it doesn't work - C2 listens for the default Windows "context menu" event, and I would have assumed long pressing would fire that event. I guess it doesn't though, but that means it wouldn't work in other apps either. So I'm a bit lost over that...

  • Hi Ashley.

    I am new to the windows 10 tablet scene but it sure seems like the future of computing, so it would be good to figure out why its not working.

    I will check a few other apps tonight and get back on how they behave. (maybe its not just construct)


  • That's correct I had the same issue. I had to resort to use a 3rd party software for the right click to work correctly. The software is called Radial Menu.

    You can set the pen button to right click on hover, and it should work. I have to use this one when working with C2, but it's wonderful to lie down in the sofa or in bed and make games.

    Ashley I think you specifically have to add support for the different input methods, I think I posted a link to a MSDN page that explained it.

    I don't know if this links help.

    Here's a link to the Bug report.. viewtopic.php?f=151&t=169057&p=1049523&hilit=touch#p1049523

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  • Hi guys

    The pen works fine.

    For right click you click the pen button while hovering over the item you want. A little circle comes up and then you swipe over the circle.

    Agreed manual scaling stretching of items on the high dpi screen is finicky due to the need to grab the little anchors but its not impossible and how often would you be needing to transform sprites in this way?

    Touch Long touch right click though doesn't work

    , but I've noticed it doesn't work for a lot of programs. So perhaps it is something that needs to be deliberately implemented.

    So I think devving with the surface pro on the go with just stylus in tablet mode should be a goer. Though haven't tried in anger yet.

    Lets see.....

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