moving the world and not the player

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  • I've had a thought about creating a large game world. What I am wondering is about the performance of handling position that way. Instead of moving player by X/Y. Instead object(containing large sums of pinned objects) is moved. If player turns right, world rotates left?

    Would this have a significant effect on performance.

    Also what kind of impact would designing the game around this model and such difficulties

    finally would there be a problem with translating physics if wanting to use vehicles or other such things.

    Now of course the only reason I would want to move the word. Would be that I can load and unload sections of the world at a time for very large worlds. I'm not working on a game like this yet and am unsure if I will ever get there, but I am wondering about the design and the how it would be done.

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  • That sounds like a pretty in efficient way to do things. and dizzying!

  • Reminds me of Loco Loco for the PSP.

  • That's right. The level rotated a lot with your character. :D

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