Moving To A MacbookPro: What Are My Options For Using Constr

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  • Sadly, I am travelling for work more and more, as I am a developer, I decided to purchase a MacBook Pro. However, as we all know, no version of Construct 2 exists for Mac and I purchased a personal licence and it would be a shame to not be able to continue to use it.

    What are my options? Has anyone else switched to a Mac and found themselves in the same situation?

  • best way would be to set up bootcamp. option #2 get a program let parallels

  • I am using Macbook Pro myself - Bootcamp and Windows 7 work fine!

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  • That would also be my recommendation; Bootcamp and a newer Windows (7 or 8.1).

    To virtualize Windows is a messy thing, and bound to give you frustrations, and 50 shades of grey hair...

    The major drawback is that you'll have 2 very separate eco systems; OSX and Windows; and there's no fast way to switch between them (it will require reboot each time). Therefore, choose a Macbook PRO with SSD harddrive, to ensure that the reboots will happen much faster.

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