Moving to C2 from GameMaker

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  • I was using GameMaker Standard 8.0 for a time,and i bought the license for 7.0 and was thinking that it's permanent

    But when They've moved to 8.1,I wasn't available to get standard version :/

    So it was the last thing that made me think about changing.

    Their community&documentation may be somehow better,but i see that Scirra's developers are more friendly aand updates are more frequent(although since 8.1,YoyoGames are making quickUpdates too) :)

    But i think i need help getting some basics...if there's any reference for "How to move from GM to C2" or sth like this that i skipped,sorry :/

    PS:Sorry for bad english

    UPDATE:I've registered just now and i see 102 rep,why so? :)

  • Welcome! You might want to check this page about importing GM rooms to C2:

    There's also the beginner's guide to C2: :

    And the manual:

    Also, it's 100 base rep, 2 per post.

  • Thanks :)

    It'll help :)

    Erm...i didn't expect so quick response,this is gr8 :D

    EDIT:Arima,then why you have 4.801 rep?shouldn't it be 4802 or 4800? O.o

  • There are lots of ways to get rep, and some of those ways give 1 rep, like some badges and upvoting comments.

  • Ok thanks'a'lot...I think I'll stick around some time with beginner's guide...and if I'll manage to do sth,I'll buy C2 :)

  • ubicray

    Welcome. Don't forget (as many do, for some reason) that there a many different examples installed with Construct 2 that will hopefully get you up and running quite quickly.

    Good luck.


  • Welcome...I believe that C2 better than GM in many ways, but I guess it's up to you wether that's true or not.

  • Hello from Scirra!

  • Welcome to C2 and the forums, ubicray. I also came from a long time using Game Maker (under a different user name), and I can say that C2 and the Scirra community offer a much different experience.

    I'm not dogging on GM or the GM community. They have their own strengths and weaknesses. I just think you will find C2 and this community refreshing and to be a much different experience.

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  • I'am using Gamemaker 8.0/ 8.1 and the new HTML edition. Using C2 since a short period. C2 is much more stable but the possibillty of GM of using inherritance is very power full. C2 is faster and much more stable. So i�m using C2 more and more. This is a fantastic enginen en much cheaper.

    I will use GM HTML for sure, because of his great flexibillity and C2 for sure for the perfect functionality. regards.

  • Hello! And good move. ;)

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