MoveTo behavior request?

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  • I see that the MoveTo behavior made by rexrainbow is very useful.

    So i vote to be added to Construct 2.

    Please share what you think.

  • I like LiteTween better than Rex's plugin. However I agree that having a basic Tween Plugin with motion options seems game api abc's. And C2 doesn't have one. I'm always one to say hey, do it your self. But there is just a point on the 101 level that it seems it should be in the engine.

    Though again. I think Lunarray's LiteTween should be the candidate for official status... with some touch ups to fit in with the C2 style of use.

  • If I had to vote, I'd choose Litetween also, or request a similar functionality from a standard Ashley plugin

  • Can Litetween do all MoveTo jobs ?

  • They are not the same, Litetween gives the duration of moving , moveTo gives the speed of moving. User needs to transfer the speed & distance into duration.

  • I would like to vote the features which could not be made by 3rd, like import/export capx as a module.

  • MoveTo is more simple, but always works. LiteTween has more options, but sometimes gets glitchy and unreliable.

  • I use MoveTo a lot. I have made a little state machine with scripting for it.

    rexrainbow any chance of adding "interupt" action to MoveTo plugin? THX!

  • megatronx

    Do you mean that pause/resume the moving by action?

  • I haven't used LiteTween but MoveTo is so simple it fits the paradigm of C2 perfectly. MoveTo would have my vote to be inducted into official status. In any case I never understood why something like this wasn't standard in C2 to begin with.

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  • megatronx

    Do you mean that pause/resume the moving by action?

    I would like to be able to cancel the previous movement coordinates. So lets say, I set move to X, Y, but in between I want to change those to another target. But as it is right now, the object will have to get to original target first before moving to the next. I would like to stop it, and move to new target even without it reaching original target.

  • megatronx

    Uh... no, it would not. It will move to the latest target set by action. And there has an action to stop the moving.

  • I guess the argument here is we have lerp, and it can be more customized.

    Of course the argument to that is you might not want the "ease in".

  • If i have a bird following the player and set the the bird speed at 200 and then i want the speed to be 250.

    How can i do this with lerp?

  • lerp(self.x,target.x,yourspeed*dt)


    Target, as well as yourspeed can be a variable.

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