Move/drag events between sheets

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  • This would be really nice when you are refactoring/structuring your code.

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  • The same goes for globals really

  • ...copy/paste?

  • Copy/paste works, even between different projects if you are careful to copy in the globals first and then the events that reference them. (Not sure about moving both together.)

    EDIT: You also need to have created all of the other objects/assets referenced in the events or you'll get errors telling you you cannot paste because something is missing. This includes instance variables created on objects.

    BTW, if you don't find Paste in the context menu when you right click on an event sheet, don't forget Paste on the toolbar.

  • Dosn't really work. If you make a copy of a global it will get a new name, and all events will still refer to the original. If you the remove the original, all references to it will also be removed and you have potentially lost a lot of work.

  • Improving the process of moving events between projects is on our todo list, but it's surprisingly complicated. There are many weird cases like moving an event referencing an object called "Foo" which is a Sprite, in to a project with an object called "Foo" which is a Text object - none of the events will make sense, so then you have to bring up a dialog to rename and map objects to their counterparts in the new project, and so on. It's a pretty big headache but it's on the todo list.

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