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  • Hi!

    I'm starting to have so many global variables, that I wanted to make my main event sheet a bit cleaner looking. So I had the idea that I would make a new event sheet called "globalVariables" and include that event sheet into my main event sheet.

    That didn't work however: After I have copied the variables and included the globalVariables event sheet to my main even sheet, I deleted the old global variables from the main event sheet. At that point Construct will think those global variables got deleted (even when they are really in the included event sheet) and removes all references to them from the events.

    It would be nice if Construct would also check the includes before determining if global variables don't exist anymore.

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  • Select your Global, right-click, Move to event sheet... Sadly you have to do them one-by-one, but it works.

  • Thanks for this workaround, it's certainly better than nothing!

  • You might ask yourself why you need so many globals. You might be able to declare them inside the events that use them, or as instance variables. Just a suggestion.

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