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  • Hi evrey one i really need this solution guys !!


    All i have on the scene is :

    a mouse ,

    an object which i set his position to the mouse position , (it have physic behaviour)

    a second object with physic behaviour ( falling )

    the problem is when i move the first object quickly with the mouse it look like is going trough the falling object a little and he take the exacte postion and really it looks weird and doesnt look good !!

    And i have to :

    notice that when i use the drag and drop behaviour to move the object the collision works perfect ! the object dont go trough the other like when i move it with setting his position evrey tick to mouse position ,

    in my opinion it look like the sprite come before the collision shape or something like this !

    maybe moving it with physics not by setting position will solve this if its right how to move it to the mouse position using physics .

    thanks in advance

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  • Fast moving objects will sometimes pass through objects without detection. In my soccer game, I had the same issue so I enabled STEP in the Bullet properties to help with detecting collision. That may not work for you as you might not be using the bullet behavior. Instead, draw an invisible line from point A (touch start) to point b (touch end or current touch XY). This line will not skip detection as it will be overlapping over your second object and should detect collision.

    It's hard to say if that's the right solution as I don't know the full extent of what you're trying to accomplish. Feel free to send a screenshot! :)

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