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  • Scirra Development, can you add an Mouse/Keyboard click/press(release) reset?

    If you have two Buttons(Sprites) one above the other (two menu windows), you click both.

    You can add a inst var to disable but thats no result, because if first comes the right one, do its stuff and reenable the second like a Ok and return or cancel button, the sheet continues and also click the second.

    Same for Keyboard, if you press(release) a key, wich can do more than one thing. (Open and close menus)

    If there were an action/expressin to reset Mouse/Keyboard current state(for both separately), that would go!

    And I have a additional question:

    I am right that Mouse.OnObjectClicked is a release? Because clicked is past, and there is no extra release for this.

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