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  • Hi,

    I have like 13 objects, that are parts of menu, and I wanted to change mouse icon on each, so that it becomes visible, that you can click on it.

    I'm using this approach, but for some reason it only works on last object, no matter how much of them do I setup on mouse over / out behavior.

    Link To Screenshot for 3 objects

    I have a feeling that it's just some minor thing that I'm missing, so if you can help please. Tnx :)

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  • you need to keep one thing in your mind when put events up... all events will be handles in order.

    If you have your mouse over 01Top, it will change your mouse cursor, but as well, you are not over 03Kra..., because of that, your mouse cursor is set back to Normal

    EDIT: Possible Solution

    Always put up an event that sets your mouse curser to normal (no matter if you are over an item or not). For each item, put up an "over" Event that sets the cursor to "Hand".

    This should solve your problem

  • Agrhh..

    I gave some blood today, most likely this is the cause to such brain damage :))

    It was obvious :)... Tnx! Works like a charm :)

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