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  • Currently the mouse object have "Cursor is over" event that can help to cover "mouse over/out", but this event is causing a f*king problem for me:

    When using "Cursor is over" to chance the mouse cursor to "Hand", and using else to set to "Normal", everything works fine....

    But when using multiples Cursor is over for the same thing.... others events are always triggering "Else", setting the cursor back to "Normal"

    I can fix this like in this image, where I put the other event in the first event else...

    <img src="" border="0" />

    But with more and more events this become... unfriendly...

    So why not implement "mouse over" and "mouse out"? This way the event will trigger only one time, solving the problem, and helping performance, since one time against an event per mouse move is a very big difference.

  • 'Mouse is over object' followed by 'Trigger once' is equivalent to 'On mouse in', and negated 'Mouse is over object' followed by 'Trigger once' is equivalent to 'On mouse out'. Is that what you're after?

  • Yes, this is exactly what I'm looking for....

    You have my thanks.

  • Hi wilsonglasser,


       I'm new to construct2. I'm trying to develop a game in it. In that, i want to move the object depends on the cursor movement(mouse over) and while click on that object it has to fall down.

       What are all the steps I have to do to move the object with respect to the mouse over event.

       I am looking forward. Please help me to do that.

       Thanks in advance....

  • Thanks Ashley! I had the same issue. I tried to use OR blocks to add all mouseover>hand items in one block but that did not work either.

    I use one event for every button now and added Trigger Once and it works fine now. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • How do you perform a negated 'mouse is over object' action. I can't seem to find it in the Add event box, mouse section?

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  • Never mind, I found the answer. You right click and select "Invert".

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