Motion blur in sprite animation

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  • Can there an effect be done in Construct 2, which creates a blur between two anim frames?

    Frame 1

    Attack__begin position: sprite characters sword & arm raised high

    Frame 2

    motion blur of frame 1 and frame 3 resulting in a blurry indistinct shape, maybe show only every second row of pixels

    Frame 3

    Attack__end position: 3. sprite characters sword & arm down

  • Pre-generated is maybe the fastest way. Simply blur the two sprites in photoshop somehow and use that as an in-between frame.

  • Possibly with webGL and a custom plugin but certainly not without it. Unless of course you want to fake it with animation ;)

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  • I'm thinking of two "animation" poses. Final Fantasy VII-like attack movements - but the warrior is charging forward only 4-10 pixels.


    SPRITE_ANIM_FRAME_1 begins to move forward

    then after few ticks

    SPRITE_ANIM_FRAME_1 begins to fade to ~50%

    then after few ticks

    SPRITE_ANIM_FRAME_1 is replaced by a 50%-faded out SPRITE_ANIM_FRAME_2

    then after few ticks

    SPRITE_ANIM_FRAME_2 is faded in 100%

    Moving the sprite 1-3 pixels to emphasize the effect when and where necessary. Goal is to emulate a real-life situation where a fighter is so fast you only see a blur of his arm/leg or sword being swung. This way I expect a "blur effect" from Construct 2.

  • Sure, you could do this with events - or even make your own animation, including faded parts of the previous frame.

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