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  • Hey everyone,

    Couple of hours ago my little game hit the play store. At first, I thought everything is working flawlessly, the app was running, the ads were showing, everything was great. However, once I logged in to MoPub, it showed that there were 0 impressions today. At this point I am a bit worried, even though the ads are showing normally and everything works quite well, the service is saying that there are no ads appearing whatsoever. Is this normal behavior for MoPub? Should I wait a bit, is there a lag between actual impressions and MoPub capturing them?

    Oh, and one last thing, my admob account doesn't have my application linked from the store (it can't find it, it says that often it needs around 48hrs to refresh the market - find your game). It does have, however, all the ids and everything else set up. Suffice to say that it is showing 0 impressions as well.

    Any ideas?

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  • Got it working. For those who might have the same problem in the future, just click on the little preferences wheel in the upper right corner and follow the instructions. Basically, you will find all the things you haven't done so far, and an easy way to do it, so after clicking there it shouldn't be more than 30secs until you get your first impression.


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