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  • Greetings. Actually I have some doubts about how to make money with my games C2. First understand that I can upload a game to the Google Chrome Store, but there all the games are free. Connect with facebook I have not even explored it, nor understand how to get money that way.

    Finally and most importantly for me. how I can create a multiplayer game with user accounts that need to connect to a database (C2 can do this?) as is typical REALM OF THE MAD GOD? (

    conocsco honestly do not how to create money and I need some guidance.

    sorry for my English, I speak Spanish

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  • this really good question ^^ about making money there is many ways to do that but the most that people use selling the game ^^

    here are some ways that i know :

    1)free apps on ios and android get money from ads also some of apps keep putting ads everywhere until you hate them and pay the paid one :P

    and i think this work on chrome and facebook as this (only ads).

    2)some apps sell thier games so companies for example samsung bought angry space so they sold to all samsung users for free because the comapany bought it.

    3)some of people make apps with fund or something like this i don't know the name on english and then they put thier names on credit page.

    4)some games let you try it for a while then you should buy it to play full version

    5) a store in game but i think this is ruin the game.except if the game has many users and almost no bugs.

    6)normal paid app.

    7)last but not least some people made a super powered game or app and some company pay the whole game from ideas,sounds,graphics and everything like : zynga bought draw something with 10 million and all other many from that game or app will go to that company.

    *the new ideas always get paid very fast but some of ideas doesn't get mention i don't know why maybe the companies doesn't look for one person sutdio they want a complete studio so if they found bugs they can fix it easily..and games are usually not for making money but for making more powerful games as you can see some games start and end in next year because they didn't put the money in the project...

    games is a sea everytime you learn you will lost ^^

  • 1) Sponsorship from miniclip, newgrounds, kongragate etc.

    This only applies if you've already made a semi-successful game.

    2) Revenue through webpage ads.

    It's a stepping stone to get a sponsorship for miniclip, newgrounds etc. Upload a game to their site and get a slice of the revenue of ads. Simple and possibly the best route to go for Construct games if you're inexperienced. You will not get a lot of money, but you will be able to get exposure and credibility.

    These are the two 'easy' options, they will allow you to focus on making games and nothing else like security, monetization or back-end integration but, the real big money is probably in the following alternatives..

    3) Micro-transactions from within the game.

    This works great in an integrated platform like Chrome webstore or Apple iOS because you don't have to handle the upfront support or maintenance of billing. Still requires you to do more than out-of-the-box Construct.

    4) So, the big fish is probably to do your own free-to-play game on the web or through facebook. This is very hard and will probably fail, but the return of investment can become very very profitable, there is potentially no roof to the millions of dollars you can find hidden there.

    These are what I would call 'good-guys' options, basically if you have a really good game and you strike a good deal, chances are you're going to generate some positive cash flow. Team Meat started this way, they had a sponsored game on newsground that allowed them to strike a deal with microsoft to develop Super Meat Boy.

    But you probably need at least 2-3 free games in your trunk, for experience, but also for credibility.

    Good Luck :)

  • I can upload a game to the Google Chrome Store, but there all the games are free.

    sorry for my English, I speak Spanish

    Actually you can charge for your games in the Chrome Store. And I believe you will be able to charge for your games on Facebook and in the Firefox store. And definitely this fall in the Windows 8 store.

    Your English is just fine. Better than my Spanish!

  • :|. But all that matter is about mobile. Game for mobile can make money. If html5 game can deploy easy on googleplay or somethings... Money came from that.

  • About the Multiplayer post .. It is possible using ZackoWacko Websocket Plugin .. but   I don't think you are ready to it , you will need ALOT of experience in programmation ! Here is a post i made long ago to explain you more the difficulty of MMORPG's :

  • Making money with C2 is not impossible. This is a business you will be running, just like any other and is open to all the same forces. If nothing else, it looks really good on your CV when going for an entry level Tester role per se.

    Firstly you must look at the business models available and pick the right one for you. Are you making one full game or many smaller ones? Both can lead to where you wanna go, but if you have minimal experience I would go with the smaller ones to build up your skills first, but what it ultimately comes down to is money.

    Can you support yourself until the money starts coming in...? Rovio made over 150 games before Angry Birds and what you make needs to be good. I am told many people give up after 2 or 3 poor releases. Especially your first one as it can be the hardest as you may emotionally invest in it, only to watch it fail. I learnt to be more professional and open to critique from this. If you want honest opinion from gamers, not just your friends and family then I suggest putting it through the Beta program on Kongregate. Members of the community will review it and expect high standards.

    The story I remember at this time for inspiration is that of the creators of final fantasy. The reason its called this is because it was going to be their last game, but then they gained some coverage and sales and it all snow balled from there.

    Have you watched indie game: the movie?

    In this example, one of the guys is basically a penniless hermit for 5 years and then becomes wealthy overnight.

    I am still holding onto my personal philosophy and that is "freemium sucks".

    I love the world of advertising and its ability to give a cash injection to almost any business with media exposure. Young people today are raised in an environment of free, I was NOT!

    "Quote" get the free app, it has adverts, but its free."

    Slightly Off Topic

    A friend told me that he saw an advert for Popcorn Time on project cars, is this even legal?

    (if you don't have a clue about this then google it, its too long a side topic to explain here).

    Back on Topic

    The fact is that advertising revenue alone is NOT enough to support most dev teams and is often only supplementary to another revenue stream.

    This leaves CROWDFUNDING through kickstarter and many other sites like it. I have not tried it yet and am not keen because 85-90% of people fail on the first go, but are often successful on a later try. So its a matter of getting over that first hump I think. Check out Notion games and Super Ubie Land for a good example of this.

    Which leads me to the second avenue.

    The traditional route-Via Console

    If you have the skills and resources you can now make games for WiiU, after that you will not have any trouble being taken seriously, but also it might mean HTML5 just is not be good enough for full console development. One problem is the 800 object limit and some people have converted to Unity for console meaning a big rebuild rather than a simple port.

    Which reminds me, how comes we can make window 8 games, but not XBOX. Anybody could make a better 2 week game with C2 than with XNA. (Just saying).

    The realistic choice

    Until I can get myself known enough to sell non exclusive licenses and gain sponsorship I need to make and sell as much as possible. So I will go with the smaller game route, however I am still working on my monster baby called Tobi Shinobi by Andrew Martin. In order to fund a bigger release I would seek funding through kickstarter, as development kits cost thousands.

    In the meantime we need to eat and pay the bills. So I suggest making a game in about a week or 2. Make sure it is original, highly polished and tested. Try to make it look visually stunning as much as possible.

    When complete, as suggested previously you could try to get it on as many of the gaming portals as possible(including Kongregate, miniclip,newsground, etc) A list can be found on

    However, if you can make at least 2 simple games a month and sell the non-exclusive license to multiple portals you could make 10's of 1000's from each game. The important part of this deal is that the game has no advertising in it as it has been paid for by the licensee.

    I hope that helps!


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