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  • I have an idea about pretty highly moddable platform shooter game using Node-Webkit. I think I can solve most things, but I'm not sure how users could set their own sounds and music. There is already the option to play them by name, but I dont think there is any way at the moment to load them at runtime.

    Another thing that would be cool if users could use custom images for the patricle effects. Maybe load image from URL or use Sprite image for example.

    I was thinking using Spriter for the animations, but I don't think it is possible in a long time to load them externally. So I think I could probably make my own animating software integrated to the game.

  • This has been mentioned here before, but would Ashley have any thoughts about this external audio stuff. Would be nice to know if this is ever going to be possible.

  • Make your own guidelines to anyone who wants to mod your game, I would suggest you:

    -Editing original sprite sheet. (No Load image by URL due to memory problem, you can clone 5 objects for future new units).

    -Create new object using instance variables to setup their attributes, use XML.

    -Map editor, save to Array and load the selected .json file.

    -Use XML or JSON to read selected audio file name, everyone can edit the game using XML or JSON files without Construct 2 but you have to define the public variables to adjust your game.

  • Joannesalfa But the audio files need to be loaded to the project and there is the drop down menu for sound or music folder. I have done this on CC easily, but it is a bit different on C2.

  • Yeah, that's annoying part, we need to remove Folder option in project while play audio by name, we have to ask to Ashley

    We should ask him to replace Folder option to URL

  • Not sure why I didn't try this before, but if I just play by name (no matter the folder) like this

    NodeWebkit.AppFolder&"/media/Here's Johnny" with out the file extension it WORKS

    Apparently it needs to be an OGG. At least when I tried to load it by Here's Johnny.wav in the Node-Webkit dev tool it said cannot find

    Here's Johnny.wav.ogg

  • Katala Does it work yet to play sound from external folder?

  • Joannesalfa Yes ogg files work

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  • Nice find Katala!

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