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  • So, there is this very old website that has thousands of retro style music loops and songs that are not licensed and anyone can use in their games, however that format is in .xm or .s3m , it is possible to convert them to .ogg however that difference in file size is huge, people used to use them with tools like multimedia fushion or the games factory but they had a .dll plugin called BASS from and could play them directly not only saving file size and downloading time but loading them much faster in the scenes of the game , is it possible for this to be done in c2 ? can anyone look into it ?

  • Audio support in HTML5 is very messy.

    It is unlikely that it will happen soon to have a fully fledge plugin for C2.

    My quick search lead to jsMODPlayer that seems to work in chrome 17, but doesn't at all in FF 10.0.1

  • yes, however this is not a problem of licensing most of the songs on the site have public license so no problem, and bass is also free for non-commercial

  • his is now our fourth blog post about audio on the web (one, two, three)

    Reading the three other previous articles, you'll see that it is not a licensing problem either about audio support.

    It has more to see with browsers makers policies/marketing strategies rather than really following a standard as far as audio is concerned.

    Making it technically unlikely to produce (synthetize) sounds.

    So making it technicaly unlikely to have a support of mod/s3m/whatever modules files.

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  • No browsers currently support mod files at all. So we'd have to somehow hack in support ourselves, which is too big a project for us to justify when you can just use Ogg/AAC I'm afraid. It will sound the same, just slightly larger files.

  • ok i see ... thx !

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