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  • Im deleting this as I was just saying Hi and want to use the webhost link for game testing instead (as google drive has no more hosting)

    so the link wont be valid any more unless you want to see my baby steps in construct...


  • I like the effect you're using on the lava, it's the same effect they use in the water in Where's My Water, right? Really cool.

  • That is definitely not the way to do it efficiently

  • When it was below 20 fps, it has been reset the layout.

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  • @andreyin

    yea I suppose it must be, but i don’t take the credit for this. it is a plug in effect I got from the effects section in the forum called "alpha threshold".


    The object of the test was to be the opposite of efficient.

    I am new to the browser game concept, when looking into it all I find is mostly 1000s of simple, shallow, derivative but nice looking games hosted on HTML5 gaming websites. I was thinking this is an indication of the limitations of the HTML/JS in browser as a gaming platform. So I just wanted to see what was possible.

    I wanted to see how many physics objects could be implemented in a browser game on an oldish low end PC before a game falls over.

    also note that I am deliberately disturbing the balls with the dude flying around so that no ball can sleep so cpu has to constantly do calculation for each ball.

    Also each ball uses 3 sprites. One invisible for the physics ball, one yellow for the alpha blend liquid effect and one red transparent additive for the glow. So if you have 1000 physics balls you have 3000 sprites to be drawn with quite CPU intensive overlays.

    This many physics objects would never be used in a real world browser game but it gives a good idea of the limits of the browser game capabilities.

    And I am quite impressed. It gives me confidence to fully embrace the browser game concept with the knowledge that something much more complex than than falling block games or flappy bird is possible.



    the layout resets when lower than 20 FPS I dont want to crash anyone PC.

    I will maybe do something a little slower and simpler to test mobile

  • 2D games on modern PC should never be slow, the optimisation should be applied on games that are on mobile

  • 2D games on modern PC should never be slow, the optimisation should be applied on games that are on mobile

    The lines between PC and mobile are getting blurrier by the day. and IMO by choosing construct rather than say GM or unity for indi development we should be fully embracing the browser as a platform regardless of the hardware behind it. It shouldn't be about making a game for either PC or mobile it should be about making a game that can adopt to different hardware configurations, that work with different screen sizes, that work with any screen orientation that work on any OS, that work with touch as well as K&M, or joypad without making a fuss. etc

    I find it fascinating and somewhat revolutionary that I can upload a HTML 5 game and in seconds that game is accessible and working flawlessly on my phone, my tablet, my PC , my sheild android TV, (not so good on the PS4 browser tho) also that I can send the link to anyone and they can play it on whatever they have at hand right there and then.

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